President's Message

Bob Estes of Fayetteville is the new President of the Arkansas Bar Association

Bob Estes of Fayetteville was sworn in as the President of the Arkansas Bar Association on June 18. The swearing-in ceremony by Chief Justice Dan Kemp took place virtually during the association’s Annual Meeting Virtual Conference.

“I will walk in the steps of great men and women who have served before me,” Estes said. “As I begin to serve each of you as President of your Arkansas Bar Association, I strive to serve you well, by advancing and accomplishing the purposes of our Association. It is the members of this Association who advance the administration of justice and foster and maintain these high ideals. Lawyers play an integral part in maintaining the rule of law.”

 A United States Army Veteran, Estes earned a BSBA, MBA and JD from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville.  Mr. Estes is a solo practitioner in Fayetteville who has long served the association in its efforts to advance the administration of justice. His service has included YLS Executive Council, House of Delegates (Tenure), Executive Council and Board of Governors. He has chaired the Re-Districting Task Force, the Practice Closure Task Force, the PAC Executive Committee and the Legislation Committee, for which he was awarded a Golden Gavel.  He is Fellow of the Arkansas Bar Foundation which has honored him with the Arkansas Bar Foundation writing award.

Mr. Estes has served in three cases as a Special Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of Arkansas. He currently serves on the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Civil Practice. He has been a member of several Fayetteville city and community boards and commissions.

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