How do members request 6 free on-demand CLE?

2023-2024 ArkBar Members may request up to 6 free on-demand CLE hours as part of their member benefits.

*NOTE: Your request for your 6 free on-demand CLEs for the 2023-2024 Bar Year must be submitted by April 30, 2024, requests will not be accepted after this date.   
 Once registration is complete, the on-demand(s) can be accessed through June 30, 2024. Once your registration is completed, you will not be allowed to switch on-demands.  
You may not carry over hours, all 6 must be watched and CLE form submitted by June 30, 2024. 
Instant Membership, does not qualify to receive the 6 free on-demand CLE.

How do I get an event approved for CLE accreditation?

The Arkansas Bar Association is a voluntary organization of attorneys. We do not review or approve courses for CLE. That is a function of the Arkansas Supreme Court. More information can be found on Office of Professional Programs website

Where do I find the Rules and Regulations that govern CLE?
They are available on the Office of Professional Programs website.  

How many hours of CLE do I need each year?
Every attorney must have 12 hours of continuing legal education annually. This must include at least one hour of ethics. However, any attorney or Judge who attains age 70 or completes 40 years of licensure as an Arkansas lawyer is exempt from CLE requirements.  (Reference Rules for Minimum Continuing Education, Rule 3.)

How can I find out how many hours I have?
Only the Arkansas Supreme Court Office of Professional Programs can provide this. You will need to contact them at 501-374-1855 or visit the Supreme Court website.

How many hours of credit do I get for speaking at CLE?
You will receive enhanced CLE credit for speaking. Solo speakers receive four (4) CLE hours for each hour as a speaker for the initial presentation and two (2) hours of credit for any subsequent repeat presentations of the same material. Panel members receive three (3) hours credit if materials are prepared. To sign up to present a CLE, contact Cynthia Barnes at
501-801-5660 or  ​

Do I have to prepare material even if I am just doing a webinar?
Yes. All CLE needs written material. One of the requirements for accreditation is that each speaker provides written course materials. If a speaker fails to do so, program registrants will not receive credit for that portion of the program. A mere topical outline without references to cases, statutes or advice from the speaker will not suffice.

What do I need to participate in a webinar?
All you need is a devise with a strong internet connection, preferably a computer, that has speakers.  The audio portion is heard through that device. 

Will there be printed materials at the in person CLE events?
No. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the Arkansas Bar Association is providing all of the course material electronically. Also, we will send a link for the material to all registrants prior to the event, so that you can print it, if you choose to do so. To purchase CLE materials contact Cynthia Barnes at 501-801-5660 or  ​

How is my attendance to a virtual CLE verified?

The Office of Professional Programs requires that CLE providers, such as the ArkBar, verify and submit actual time attended per attendee as shown on the electronic verification report. Please submit only the time that you were in the virtual classroom viewing the CLE presentation on your individual computer/device.  To view your time attended as submitted to the Office of Professional Programs, please sign in at, go to My Account, and click on My CLE History. Please allow up to 10 business days following the CLE for your hours to be reflected.


Please note: The Arkansas Bar Association is an accredited sponsor under the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board and does not seek CLE accreditation in other states.