Legal Pamphlets for the Public

The following pamphlets, brochures and guides are provided as a public service from the Arkansas Bar Association. The documents are in Acrobat PDF format and require a free reader to view and print. If you have any questions or if you would like to order multiple copies, please contact us.


Domestic Violence: A Practical Guide for Attorneys, Judges And Court Clerks


This Handbook is a guide for attorneys who represent or work with survivors of domestic violence. It is divided into two sections: (a) Domestic Violence in the Civil Context, and (b) Domestic Violence in the Criminal Context.  Additionally, at the end of this Handbook is an Appendix containing all of the current and relevant domestic violence legislation, as well as a resources section containing information on the location of shelters located throughout Arkansas.


Domestic Violence: A Practical Guide for Navigating the Legal System in Arkansas

This Handbook is a self-help guide for survivors of domestic violence that explains a survivor’s legal rights and how to get help from the legal system. No one has the right to frighten, hit or injure you. It is against the law. There are many laws in place in Arkansas that are designed to protect survivors of domestic violence. This Handbook will provide you with up-to-date information about the legal system in Arkansas and a general explanation of your legal rights. It will help you decide if you want to use the legal system and, if so, how to do so.


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18 & Life To Go: A Legal Handbook for Young Arkansans

18 & Life To Go: A Legal Handbook For Young Arkansas” is the hard work of Arkansans lawyers who have previously stood in your shoes. The authors and editors of this Handbook have all been your age, and like you have been confronted with the questions, conflicts, issues, and circumstances that now greet you on your own journey to adulthood.


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