Wills for Heroes

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Donate your time to help Arkansas Heroes!

Call to service!  Volunteers needed!

We are excited that it is that time of year again for our Wills for Heroes event. As a reminder, Wills for Heroes allows YLS Members to provide basic estate planning documents, pro bono, to Arkansas first responders – including police officers, firefighters, emergency healthcare workers, and their spouses. As you are aware, these officers engage in an extremely dangerous profession and these estate planning documents are of the utmost importance to these officers to provide them peace-of-mind that their families and loved ones will be taken care of in case something should happen to them.  These estate planning documents are simple wills, powers of attorneys, and living wills. 

To make the process even more time efficient for our volunteers, we will be utilizing the program SimpleWill to assist with drafting the estate planning documents.   https://www.oursimplewill.com/ . We believe this will save a significant amount of time for our volunteers.

The event is scheduled for April 1st from 9-12.  We ask that you volunteer for 1-3 clients.  Each client will take approximately 30 minutes of your time on that day. Thus, you will only be needed at most for 1.5 hours on April 1st.  Additionally, prior to the event, we will send you the drafted estate planning documents and ask that you review and confirm that the documents state the client’s correct information and intentions.

We plan to get the forms to you by March 20th and ask you to review and return to us by March 29th.

Since all of this will be done virtually, all Members across the State can volunteer.  This is a great opportunity to serve and give back to our Arkansas community!      

If you available to assist with this event, we ask you to please complete the survey linked below.




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When:  Apr 1, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (CT)