View from the Bench: Judge Carlton Jones

By Ms. Anna Hubbard posted 05-13-2024 10:38 AM


The Arkansas Bar Association is honored to have several judges provide short video clips on what they think are important for lawyers to hear from the bench. Our first judge is Judge Carlton Jones of the Eighth South Judicial Circuit. Judge Jones has served on the bench for a decade. As a former prosecuting attorney, he has seen the courtroom from both sides of the bench. Watch his short video where he explains the importance of being prepared.

"Being prepared when you enter a courtroom helps your client. It helps you to be more successful and helps you to be more confident in your presentation before a jury and before a court. It also helps the court. When the court understands that you are prepared, we are very confident in what you present to us. Also, when you are prepared you are showing the court that you respect the job that you are doing and you respect the law. And all of us who are in this business should love and respect the law."

Watch for more videos and be sure to join us at the Annual Meeting in Hot Springs on Friday, June 14th from 10:15 – 11:45am for the "Ask the Judges Roundtable" session. You will have the opportunity to visit and learn from over 16 judges.