Law Student Spotlight- The University of Arkansas School of Law Student Zariya Williams

By Ms. Anna Hubbard posted 02-16-2024 03:10 PM


Meet Zariya Williams, 2L
University of Arkansas School of Law



1. Why did you choose to pursue a J.D. and what do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

I have always had a passion for the law. However, it was my father’s murder in 2015 that enhanced my desire to practice criminal law. I never received justice for my father, but I am determined to advocate for victims to ensure they receive the justice I never did. I plan to pursue a career in criminal prosecution after graduating law school. 


2. What are some opportunities you have engaged in during your time at law school?

I am currently the Criminal Law Society treasurer. This experience has allowed me to connect with students with similar career interests while also interacting and engaging with my peers. I also work for the Fayetteville City Prosecutor’s Office. This opportunity has been absolutely amazing, and I have never been so excited to go to work before. Gaining real-world experience through the criminal justice system with amazing prosecutors and co-workers has been such a privilege. 


3. What has been your favorite part of law school so far?

My favorite part about law school so far has been the ability to meet a diverse group of people and learn so many different areas of law. There are areas of law I didn’t even know existed, and never thought I would enjoy but turned out to be my favorite classes. 


4. What are your hobbies outside of work and school?

Outside of law school, I love to bake. I’m currently on a muffin binge, but I also enjoy baking homemade cakes and cookies. I also love games: Uno, tennis, Candyland, I’m not picky. I love activities that involve interacting with others. 


5. Tell us something interesting about yourself that we couldn’t learn from reading your resume.

An interesting fact about me that you won’t find in my resume is immediately after my last Spring 1L final, my (then) boyfriend and I vacationed to Florida for the first time together where he proposed. I am currently planning a destination wedding (I’m heavily considering Jamaica).