Decedents Estates

Acceptance of Appointment as Personal Representative
Affidavit to Claim Against Estate
Bond of Personal Representative
Designation of Process Agent
Election of Surviving Spouse
Endorsement of Claim by Personal Representative
Inventory of Estate of Decedent
Last Will and Testament
Letters of Administration
Letters Testamentary
Notice (No Personal Representative Appointed)
Notice of Administration and Filing of Claims
Notice of Hearing (re: Appointment of PR)
Notice of Probate of Will and Filing of Claims
Notice to Surviving Spouse
Order Allowing and Authorizing Payment of Claim
Order Approving Bond of Personal Representative
Order Awarding Statutory Allowances
Order Directing Advancement to Minor Distributee
Petition for Allowance of Claim
Petition for Appointment of Administrator
Petition for Authority to Make Advancements to Minor Distributee
Petition for Award of Statutory Allowances
Proof of Service (re: Notice of Hearing)
Qualifying Affidavit of Personal Sureties