Legislative Timeline

Arkansas Bar Association
2021 Legislative Package
Deadline for Submission January 31, 2020

Members, Sections, and Committees of the Association are encouraged to participate in the development of the Association’s Legislative Package. Proposed legislation should be submitted in bill form and address issues concerning matters of jurisprudence and procedure including reforms of the substantive law and improvement in practice and in administration of the Courts.

The Association’s By-Laws charge the Jurisprudence and Law Reform Committee with reviewing these proposed bills and reporting their findings to the House of Delegates. The Association’s package for the 2020-2021 Session of the Arkansas General Assembly was adopted at the June 2020 Board of Trustees Meeting. Once the package is adopted by the House the Association’s Legislation Committee works with the Association’s Lobbyist to usher the bills through the legislative process to enactment.

Click below to view the ArkBar Guidelines Regarding Submission for Legislative Changes

Please mail submissions to

Arkansas Bar Association
Attn: Jay Robbins
2224 Cottondale Lane
Little Rock, AR 72202

Contact Jay Robbins at
(501) 801-5665
or jrobbins@arkbar.com

Article X. Preparation of the Legislative Package

Section l. Composition of Package 
The Legislative package of Bills to be presented by the Association to the Legislature shall not consist of more than 10 separate bills.

Section 2. Adoption of Bills
Before a bill is allowed to become a part of the package it must receive an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the House of Delegates present and voting on the proposed legislation, either at a regular session of the House or a Special Session called for that purpose.

Section 3. Additional Bills
If the exigency of the circumstances requires it, an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the members of the House of Delegates present and voting may add not more than three additional bills to the 10-bill package.

Section 4. Position on Other Bills
Legislation proposed by committees, sections or members of this Association that do not receive a two-thirds vote allowing it to be a part of the Legislative package to be sponsored by the Association but that does receive approving vote of 51% of those voting, may be reported by the Lobbyist as approved by the Association and the Legislation Committee cannot reverse that.