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7/01/14 2014-2015 CLE Pass
3/03/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Estate Planning for Farms and Ranches
3/04/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: LIVE REPLAY: Governance of Provate and Family-Controlled Companies
3/05/15 2014-2015 How to Collect a Judgement
3/05/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Spotting and Preventing Fraud in Real Estate Transactions
3/06/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: LIVE REPLAY: 2014 Americans with Disabilities Act Update
3/10/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Reviewing and Drafting IT Agreements
3/12/15 2014-2015 Appellate Advocacy
3/12/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Ethical Issues When Representing the Elderly
3/13/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: LIVE REPLAY: Employment Separation Agreements

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Dues Structure and Rates

Dues Structure and Rates

Standard Dues are $275 except that one may elect to use the income scale to determine the amount of dues. 

Income Range Options - "Income” for this purpose is law-related salary, wages or income after deducting office overhead and other necessary business expenses but before taxes, FICA, insurance and pension contributions, for the current or immediately preceding year.

$0-$50,000 $125
$50,001-$100,000 $210
$100,000+ Standard Dues
Associate Membership is $275.  Associate members are attorneys who are only licensed in a state(s) other than Arkansas and are residents of Arkansas or are full time employees of a business organization which regularly does business within Arkansas.
First  Paid Year is $75. This rate applies to an attorney's third bar year (July - June) following his/her admission to practice.  Attorneys admitted to practice between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 qualify for this rate beginning May 1st.
Out-of-State Residents pay $100. The rate applies to attorneys licensed in Arkansas who are non-residents of Arkansas, and who have no regular law practice in Arkansas.
Senior Members is for attorneys who have attained the age of 75+ years and who have been a member for 10 continuous years immediately before attaining the age of 75.  These members of the Arkansas Bar Association receive free membership.
Law Students are current law students in good standing at any accredited law school in the state of Arkansas, or residents of the state of Arkansas attending an accredited law school outside the state of Arkansas.  Law students receive the benefits of membership at no charge.
Patrons are members who pay $100/year in addition to dues to support Association programs.
 Benefactors are members who pay $250/year in addition to dues to support Association programs.
 Newly Admitted Arkansas attorneys should contact us for information regarding membership.
Term of Membership
Membership in the ArkBar runs from July 1 to June 30. Please note that we send reminder notices as renewal time approaches. However, your prompt payment of dues will ensure that you continue to receive all of your benefits in a timely manner. Should your membership lapse, you may reactivate it at any time by becoming current on your dues for the year. 
Take advantage of the numerous Membership Benefits by becoming a member of the Arkansas Bar Association today.  Click Here to Join Now!
Federal Law makes part of your membership dues used for lobbying non-deductible as a business expense. 8% of dues is non-deductible in the 2013-2014 bar year.  Payment made to the association is for your voluntary membership with the Arkansas Bar Association, and has no affiliation with your state licensing fee.
If you need to update any of your membership information, please Login and update the information on your member portal. 
For more information, Contact us!
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