Arkansas Bar Commission on Diversity and Inclusion


            Welcome to the Arkansas Bar Association Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (ABCDI), a place where you can learn, grow, and lead.   Here at ABCDI, you will have the opportunity to work with others to operationalize equity in Arkansas.  As chair, my goal is to complement our current leaders and the work that they do to create a fuller, fairer and more equitable opportunity to participate in society, particularly for those who have been historically marginalized.   Your contributions can help us reach this result as we seek to protect the rule of law; to aid in perfecting an imperfect Union; to ensure our representative democracy casts a wide tent, and to ensure that government metes out equal justice under law.

            I want to personally thank all of you in advance for lending this Commission your expertise, time, and commitment to a cause much bigger than any of us.  With your support, together we can lead this Association and the State of Arkansas into that more perfect Union.

Library Resources

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Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

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