Consider Client when Choosing Video Conference Platforms

By Ms. Karen Hutchins posted 06-09-2020 09:03 AM

Lawyers must be careful choosing a video conferencing platform. Once again, the practice of law is transitioning as it has before throughout history adapting communication to allow for the use of the phone, the fax machine, email and now extensive use of video conferencing. The increased use and volume of users of video conferencing combined with the addition of social distancing may create issues that have not been considered before. For example, does working from remote workspaces provide clients the same security that is provided when working from an office workspace? Lawyers should check to make sure they comply with ethical rules to protect clients when working from a remote workspace. Review processes for overseeing the work of associates and paralegals to protect client confidentiality. Review processes before choosing to record video conferences.  It is the important when choosing your video conferencing platform to prioritize protecting client privacy and confidentiality.