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Mid-Year Meeting Scavenger Hunt

By Ms. Crystal Newton posted 12-16-2014 09:33 AM


Earn points by posting on ArkBar Social Media or the ArkBar Community Exchange (ACE). Complete as many of the following items for a chance to win prizes.

1st Place Winner:   Kindle Fire

2nd & 3rd Place Winners:   ArkBar Swag

The person with the most points wins prizes - so complete as many of the Scavenger Hunt challenges as possible before the deadlines.  In the event of a tie, names will be randomly selected. The competition begins December 16, 2014, and ends at the close of the Mid Year Meeting on February 20, 2015. Click here to report your postings.  Be sure to use #MYHunt2015.  You must be a current member of the association to participate.


Ways to Earn Points

The following items are worth 5 points each:
1. Post a blog in ACE  
2. Post a question or answer on a section page 
3. Update your profile on ACE   
4. Answer trivia questions posted in ACE Open Forum. Questions will be posted each week on the ACE Open Forum beginning in January.
5. Complete the member spotlight survey
6. Follow @ArkBar on Twitter
7. Join the ArkBar Facebook group
8. *Tweet or post a selfie of you researching with Fastcase 
9. *Tweet or post a selfie of you researching with a book
10. *Tweet or post a screen shot of the Mid Year app
11. *Tweet or post a screen shot of the ACE app
12. *Tweet or post a selfie at the Bar Center 
13. *Tweet or post your ArkBar Benefactor or Patron decal
14. *Tweet or post a copy of the latest The Arkansas Lawyer magazine
15. *Tweet or post your favorite thing about being and ArkBar member
16. *Tweet or post a holiday photo of you 
17. *Tweet or post about a member benefit that you use
18. *Tweet or post if you have purchased a CLE Pass
19. *Tweet or post a photo of you from any ArkBar event (Feel free to check out our event photo gallery)

Mid Year Meeting Bonus Points
The following items are each worth 10 points each and to be completed at the Mid Year Meeting February 18-20, 2015:

1. Tweet a picture of the Constitution
2. Tweet a picture of one of the CLE courses
3. Tweet a picture with a legislator at the Wednesday night party
4. Post a picture of a CLE course to Facebook
5. Post a picture of you at Mid Year to Facebook
6. Post or Tweet a picture with your favorite ArkBar staff member

*Tweet at @ArkBar or post to ACE or Facebook - and remember to use #MYHunt2015!  You must be a current member of the association to participate.