National Tournament

The National High School Mock Trial Championship occurs in a different city each year, usually beginning on the Friday before Mother’s Day in May. The first two preliminary rounds occur on Friday and the second two preliminary rounds occur on Saturday. The final round starts late Saturday afternoon. The dates and times of the national tournament cannot be changed. 

Dates & Locations for the National High School Mock Trial Championship

  • The  2023 National Championship is scheduled for May 18-20, 2023 in Little Rock, AR.

The winner of the state championship tournament is invited to represent Arkansas in the National tournament.  In the event that a state champion team elects not to participate (for whatever reason) in the national tournament, the Mock Trial Committee may invite the second place team from the state tournament to represent Arkansas at the National Tournament.    

For more information about the NHSMTC, visit the official website.

Tournament Structure

The case materials for the national tournament will be released on or by the first of April each year.  The Arkansas champion will have approximately six weeks to prepare for the national competition.  Spring break occasionally falls within this preparation period, and the state champion must consider this scheduling issue when determining rehearsal schedules for the national tournament. Each state is allowed to send eight (8) students to compete in four rounds. During these rounds, the students must be able to play both sides of the case, including three witness and three attorney roles.  One of the eight team members (not participating in a given round) must act as an official timekeeper in that round. 

The Arkansas Bar Association will pay the registration fee ($500) for the State Championship team.  State teams will be responsible for funding their own travel, lodging, and meals for the National competition.

Teams will participate in four preliminary rounds on Friday and Saturday during the competition.  A championship round will be held on Saturday evening between the top two schools in the nation, with the winners announced at the awards gala Saturday night.