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The Young Lawyers Section recently published their....
The Young Lawyers Section recently published their....

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7/01/14 2014-2015 CLE Pass
3/31/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Exempt v. Non-exempt: Overtime & Employer Liability in the Workplace
4/01/15 2014-2015 Webinar: Innocent & Injured Spouse Defenses to Joint Tax Liability
4/02/15 2014-2015 Magna Carta
4/02/15 2014-2015 Webinar: LIVE REPLAY: Real Estate Joint Ventures, Part 1
4/03/15 2014-2015 Webinar: LIVE REPLAY: Real Estate Joint Ventures, Part 2
4/07/15 2014-2015 Webinar: Drafting Reps and Warranties in Business Transactions
4/08/15 2014-2015 Webinar: LIVE REPLAY: 2014 Sex Harassment Update
4/09/15 2014-2015 Webinar: LIVE REPLAY: 2015 UCC Update: Secured Transactions, Notes, Sales, and More
4/09/15 2014-2015 Office 365 Training LR

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Standard Dues are $275 except that one may elect to use the income scale to determine the amount of dues. "Income" for this purpose is law-related salary, wages or income after deducting office overhead and other necessary business expenses but before taxes, FICA, insurance and pension contributions, for the current or immediately preceding year.

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A regular member who has a law related income of $0-$50,000


A regular member who has a law related income of $50,001-$100,000

  Note:  Income over $100,000 pays standard membership  

Newly admitted attorneys receive the remainder of their first bar year admitted to practice, and the first full bar year free. The First Paid Year applies to an attorneys' third bar year (July - June) following their admission to practice.


If an attorney licensed in Arkansas is a non-resident of the State of Arkansas, and has no regular law practice in Arkansas, the dues are $100.00


Senior Members is for attorneys who have attained the age of 75+ years and who have been a member for 10 continuous years immediately before attaining the age of 75.


Any law student in good standing at any accredited law school in the state of Arkansas or a resident of the state of Arkansas attending an accredited law school outside the state of Arkansas.


Any person admitted to practice before any court of final jurisdiction in any state of the United States, and who is not admitted to practice law in Arkansas, but who is either a resident of Arkansas or is a full time employee of a business organization which regularly does business within Arkansas. Associate Members shall pay the same membership dues as other members and shall be eligible for the same benefits of the Association except as provided in this Constitution.

Your benefits will not begin until July 1, 2014. To gain instant membership for the remainder of the current bar year, ending June 30, 2014, select the option below.

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Additional Memberships

Patrons and Benefactors are members who pay additional dues in support of the Association programs, previously named Sustaining Members.

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Arkansas Find Laywer
Choose each practice area that you want to be listed in the directory. You will receive 7 areas of Practice as part of the registration fee. For each additional area of practice listing about the seven (7), the cost is $25.00.
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Your listing on ARKANSASFINDALAWYER will not be active until the Arkansas Bar Association receives a copy of the Declaration page of your current Professional Liability Insurance policy that shows compliance with your certification below.

  1. ARKANSASFINDALAWYER registration fee is as follows:
    a. Membership Fees
        (includes 7 areas of practice)
    b. Additional Areas of Practice @ $25.00 each $
I am currently an attorney licensed in Arkansas.  I am a current member of the Arkansas Bar Association.  I will maintain malpractice insurance in the amount of $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 annual coverage as long as I am a participant in the directory.  I will submit to the Arkansas Bar Association a copy of the Declaration page of any renewals to my Professional Liability Insurrance Policy throughout the year.  I agree that I will comply with the Arkansas Model Rules of Professional Conduct, including therein the lawyer advertising requirements and the level of competence needed for the areas of practice selected.

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