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Teacher Resources

Law Related Education – Teacher Resources



A Level Playing Field

The DVD and Instructor’s Guide cover four core principles of the American Judicial System and include sports references for keeping students’ attention and interest.

The DVD contains excerpts from interviews with prominent Arkansas elected officials, judges and attorneys, including Governor Mike Beebe, Senator Dale Bumpers, Chief Justice Jim Hannah, Honorable Lavenski Smith, Bobby McDaniel, as well as several others. The production is hosted by a Little Rock attorney Nick Rogers and NFL Referee Walt Coleman. The DVD discusses the Constitutional basis of the American judicial system and the four fundamental principles of the judicial system-- the Rule of Law; Equal Justice Under the Law; Fair, Impartial and Independent Judiciary and the Jury System. 

Download Instructor’s Guide

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The ABC's of Leasing an Apartment or House

School is back in session and another generation of young Arkansans is entering the "real world." Do you or your youngster possess the know-how to make solid legal and financial decisions? One of the major decisions of a young adult's life is leasing an apartment or house. For many it is the first legal contract that they will sign. While this article cannot practically tell you everything that you need to know, here are some thoughts to keep in mind. 

Click Here for the ABC's of Leasing an Apartment or House


Mock Trial

The Mock Trial Program is a rich curriculum that promotes the development of fundamental knowledge, sound judgment and critical thinking skills.

Click here for more information on Mock Trial


18 & Life to Go: A Legal Handbook for Young Arkansans

A significant project of the Young Lawyers’ Section has been the distribution of YLS-published handbook entitled “18 & Life To Go: A Legal Handbook for Young Arkansans” (“Handbook”). The YLS’s goal is to make the Handbook available to each high school senior in the state of Arkansas. This handbook was created by the Young Lawyers Section.

Click here to download a copy of 18 & Life to Go: A Legal Handbook for Young Arkansans

18 & Life to Go: A Legal Handbook for Young Arkansans - NEW KINDLE FORMAT

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R U Safe?  Protecting Yourself in Cyberspace

R U Safe? is designed to educate children and their parents about online dangers and give them the tools needed to be safe while online. It is intended to serve students at every age level (elementary, middle school and high school) and also contains a section for parents.  Using experts from law enforcement and child advocacy groups, the video covers such wide-ranging topics as cyber bullying, social networking sites, chat rooms, “sexting,” and online predators. Children are also told how to report suspicious activity and educated about the legal ramifications of certain online behavior.  The parental section addresses basic safety plans, implementing parental controls, privacy settings and child-safe browsers, and the use of cookies and website history. It also provides parents with useful advice about how they should address the issue of cyber safety with their children.

Click Here to View R U Safe?

R U Safe? was created by the Texas Young Lawyers Association, and made possible by a grant from the Texas Bar Foundation. 


Federal Courts

The federal courts have lesson plans about the federal judicial system that teachers may use for free. Some of that material is included on the "Courts to Classes" program page at It also may be useful to conduct one or more basic lessons, perhaps with the help of a judge or court employee, while the students visit the court. If you choose to conduct a lesson while at the court, talk to the judge or other court employee beforehand to make sure that they understand their roles in the learning process.


Law Day and Planning Guide

Local courthouses celebrate with mock trials, tours, legal advice booths, and other activities. The American Bar Association has resources available to include a law day planning guide and additional Information on law day art, law day events, and a law day store. Teachers may want to access the guide to connect with the Law Day. The guide also provides speaking points on various areas of the law, information on how to set up essay contests, and order forms for publications.

Arkansas Judiciary

Stay up to date with the latest announcements, Supreme Court Opinions, Court of Appeals Opinions, and Professional Conduct Opinions found on the Arkansas Judiciary website. Visit additional links for educators recommended by a member of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Institute

Street Law, Inc. The Supreme Court Institute held in Washington, DC each year includes six stimulating days on Capitol Hill and inside the US Supreme Court. The Institute also includes an opportunity to hear the Justices announce final decisions of the term - from a seat In the Courtroom, question prominent Supreme Court litigators about the Court's inner workings, debate the leading cases of that year's term, discuss "Media Coverage of the Supreme Court" with a newspaper report, question key Senate Judiciary Committee staffers, develop lessons on the Supreme Court to use in your classroom, attend a private reception at the Court, and conduct a moot court of a key case being decided in the current term with the assistance of lawyers involved in the case. Participants who conduct training for other teachers after returning from the Institute are eligible to receive a stipend of $200.



What is law related education?

Law Related Education is a program that helps educators, students, and citizens understand and appreciate the legal system through several programs sponsored by LRE and the Arkansas Bar Association.

What are the benefits of LRE?

  • LRE improves critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Students are actively engaged in the learning process.
  • LRE increases students' knowledge of the law making them better informed citizens.
  • LRE encourages students to respect laws, rules and persons in authority when exposed to a balanced view of our democratic society.
  • LRE can aid in reducing discipline problems in schools.
  • Students learn positive ways to resolve conflict.
  • Students are exposed to members of the legal community in positive ways.
  • Students involved in LRE are less likely to become delinquent.
  • LRE promotes positive self-image in students.
  • LRE promotes community interaction with the schools.

How do I get LRE in my school?

The Arkansas Bar Association has a list of attorney volunteers who are available to present law related education programs in our community. To request a presentation, Contact Us.