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7/01/14 2014-2015 CLE Pass
12/29/14 2014-2015 WEBINAR: "The 2014 Ethys Awards: The Best of the Worst Ethical Violations"
1/06/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Estate Planning in 2015 - A Look Forward
1/07/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: LIVE REPLAY: Understanding and Modifying Fiduciary Duties in LLCs
1/08/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: 2015 UCC Update: Secured Transactions, Notes, Sales, and More
1/09/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: LIVE REPLAY: Structuring For-Profit/Non-Profit Joint Ventures
1/12/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: LIVE REPLAY: Attorney Ethics When Starting a New Law Firm
1/13/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Structuring Minority-Stake & “Class B" Interests in Business Arrangements
1/14/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Will Contests: Common Grounds for Challenges & How to Defeat or Avoid Them
1/15/15 2014-2015 WEBINAR: Employees, Social Media, Smartphones, Tablets: Legal Issues for Employers

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Committee Information

Law Related Education Committee

  Promotes the practical understanding of, and respect for, the law throughout the state through the development, coordination, and implementation of quality civics and legal education materials and programs.  
  2014-2015 Committee Officers
Chair : Leslie J. Ligon
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